Useful information I’ve gotten from my Sugar Daddies!

You have a ton of competition: The ratio on SA is 12:1. Women out number men, on these sites like crazy. And as anything in life, you’ll have competition. There a hundreds of women on these sites messaging men everyday, they do have flooded inboxes! From escorts, strippers, professional sugar babies, etc. Somewhere in there, you have to get their attention. Have substance, know who you’re approaching. Make sure you stand out! There are beautiful women on these sites, what makes you better? For example, with President (or formally CEO), I read his profile front to back and made sure I included what about his profile caught my attention and added how I’d be substantial in his life. That prompted him to respond as soon as he could, and here we are!

Have realistic “allowances”: Have you ever heard the term, “they’re laughing at you, not with you?” Well, while you think you’re going to be laughing to the bank, they won’t even bother to respond to you. There are women who actually have preferred allowances at, $10,000! And do you wonder why you only get men who are Salt Daddies or not even real responding to you? Because though you may not like to hear this, it’s not reality! These men do have the mindset of, “You have someone who does the same thing as you wanting $1,000 a month.” What makes you worth $10,000? Who do you think will give you $10,000 to look pretty? Not these guys! At least not in a set amount, if you’re lucky you may be able to add all of your paid expenses over a month and get close to it.

Most men cannot afford this: You will have men that say the make x-amount of money a month, but with taxes in the equation, and other finances - they CANNOT be SD’s! Women are expensive, we really are. And if someone who says he makes $300,000 says he can afford you, he’ll be sadly mistaken or really really cheap! This only means, finding a prospect and real millionaire or billionaire (you go Glen Coco!) is extremely hard to do! It will take time, and there are not many who are willing to spend stacks on women. So, put your best foot forward and scout out the real money makers!

These men don’t care about their appearances: WAIT! So millionaires and billionaires don’t wear these Armani suits that we think of? NO! I’m sure we’ve all seen this, POT’s show up in tee’s and jeans, more often that not. This doesn’t mean that there are men who won’t wear suits and look almost better than you, because it can happen. But, often times, it won’t. They do not care about what they’re wearing. I’ll put this in my own words, “they’re too busy making money to try to impress anyone!” Think of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, two of the wealthiest men, now Google their wardrobes. Point taken! That’s why they’re looking for you - to look good for them, basically.

I’m sure I’ll have more information to add in the future, this is what I’ve gotten from the experience so far!

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