Sugar Tip: How to Keep Your Sugar Daddy Interested


Most sugar arrangements last around 6 months. I’ve been with Suit for a few months now, and he is showing no signs of losing interest. So I thought I’d share these tips that have worked in my favor. This is for gals who already have sugar daddies and want to keep them interested and for new sugar babies who are wondering what to do when you snag a sugar daddy to keep the sugar coming in.

1. Keep your sugar daddy on his toes.
Send your sugar daddy random texts and pictures. They can range from something to sweet like “I miss you” or “I can’t wait to see you again :)” to a pic of you wearing something silly, smiling, or being cute. Also make sure to send random, sexy photos. Send pics of you in lingerie or not wearing anything. This definitely leaves your sugar daddy wanting more and waiting in anticipation for your next meeting.

Suit always appreciates pics that I send him and makes sure to compliment me and thank me. These men feel lucky to have young, beautiful women spend time with them. So sending something unexpected shows you care about his attraction to you. And the more attracted your sugar daddy is, the more willing he is to spoil you and be generous with you.

2. Be mysterious.
I love my arrangement with Suit because he isn’t clingy. I do not like clingy partners, and I think him being married has a lot to do with this. Suit is affectionate and sweet when we are together, but he realizes that I have a life outside of him. We text maybe a couple times a week, and the texts are usually brief to hash out the details of when we are meeting that week. Suit does not know what I am doing when I am not with him, and that keeps things fresh. This way we have things to talk about when we meet. If you’re in constant communication with someone, things can get boring fast.

3. Be a beauty queen.
Take pride in your appearance. Buy and wear lingerie that is flattering for your body. I personally love anything black and lacy. When I’m with Suit, I will randomly surprise him by slipping into something sexy just for him before we get physical. He loves it.

Men love when you dress up just for them. On a trip with Suit, I bought a dress specially just for him, and got my hair and nails done. I made sure to tell him this and he couldn’t stop staring at me at dinner. He kept telling me thank you for doing all of that for him. If you show your sugar daddy that you put in effort to look good for him, he will be forever grateful.

4. Have goals and ambitions.
Sugar daddies are successful men, they don’t want to be with a sugar baby who has no goals and ambitions. Suit knows that I’m a full-time student. He asks me about school, and I tell him about assignments, professors, and volunteer work that I do. I also complain to him about tuition costs and that my allowance eases a lot of stress.

Most sugar daddies were college students at one time. They can offer valuable advice and guidance about your education and career path. And they may even be able to help you find an internship or job. Suit is involved in hedge funds, nowhere near my social work major, but he is still very knowledgeable about academics in general.

5. Make him feel like it’s not just about the money (even though it is).
Get to know your sugar daddy. His interests, his likes and dislikes, what he likes to eat, where he likes to shop, quirks, favorite movies, taste in music, etc. Part of any relationship is establishing a strong friendship. At some point, your sugar arrangement won’t feel like work anymore because you’ll have an established rapport and connection. Take an interest in what he says, and keep conversations flowing. Do things together that you both enjoy like golfing, hiking, seeing Broadway shows, listening to live music.

Little gestures can also go a long way. For Easter, I made Suit a little heart shaped Easter basket that I filled with goodies. I also ordered him a new toiletry bag off Amazon because I noticed that his was quite dirty when we traveled together. Doing unexpected, sincere gestures shows your sugar daddy that you truly care about him and not just his wallet.

6. Always be appreciative.
Always thank your sugar daddy. I’ve always been a very polite person and manners go a long way with me. Whenever I’m out at a restaurant, bar, deli, etc. I always make sure to thank the staff for their services. Be the same with your sugar daddy. Even if it’s the 100th time he’s taking you out to dinner, smile and say thank you. Sugar daddies like feeling like they are spoiling you and that you realize their generosity. Each time I receive my allowance I make sure to tell Suit thank you. 

When you stop being appreciative, your sugar daddy will feel like you expect this kind of behavior and treatment. Sugar daddies don’t have to pay you an allowance, take you to fancy dinners, buy you gifts, or take you on trips. These men do it because they want to. Never feel entitled to anything because your sugar arrangement could end at any time.

7. Keep things exciting in the bedroom.
Never underestimate the power of a good blowjob. If you’re not good at it, get great at it. Watch porn, practice, ask what your sugar daddy would like better. Research positions that you would like to try and then test them out with your sugar daddy. Being affectionate and a vixen inside the bedroom is what sugar daddies live for. Chances are that your sugar daddy is already entranced by your young and beautiful body, but what you can do with it is what they’re really after.

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